Time to wake up!

The World Requests Our Presence!

Simmering Nirvana intends to offer guidance on aligning with the rising spiritual transformation occurring on our beloved planet today. It is a singular step in the great dance of Life awakening!

We are living in very fast and turbulent times. The near future is a troubling question mark. The bad news is that our current worldview is strangling the planet and threatening our future generations. The good news is that there is a better way, and many of us are beginning to wake up to this! So, how do we proceed? How do we get beyond the “stuck place” that so many are mired in today? I believe these are spiritual questions that can only be answered through unfiltered spiritual experiences and approaches.

Simmering Nirvana is about learning how to cultivate these experiences of non-ordinary consciousness and making them a natural part of our every day. It’s from these deeper states of consciousness that a new, life affirming worldview is being born.

How do we consciously align with connection instead of separation and love instead of fear? How do we enter the magical fields of inner guidance and synchronistic playgrounds of the greater Self within? We will explore these questions and find maps pointing the way!

We understand the importance of this great work and its urgency. We can sometimes sense our planet and our fellow beings crying out for us to awaken. But the sleep of distraction is powerful. It’s so easy to just repeat the same destructive choices again and again. And society is set up to keep us in that very loop. It’s in the best interest of a few that we remain asleep. But I can feel a shift occurring. I can hear the call. And I bet you can as well.

It is time to become a part of the critical mass that is altering the evolutionary trajectory of our society, bringing it closer to one that reflects the actual unity we all share. It is time to discover the importance of truly living and breathing the idea that there is only One, and we are it! It is time to join the dance of Life awakening!